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Kitchen Remodeling Interview
Kitchen Remodeling Interview

This is by no means a complete list, but is intended to be a starting point for our conversation about your needs.  Please look it over and give some thought to your answers prior to our meeting.  Be aware that not every space is large enough to accommodate all these 'desires' so try to prioritize what is most important to you.

1.        Physical Space/Footprint

-        Using only existing kitchen space?
-        Expanding or modifying footprint?  (via an addition or annexed room/s?)
-        Any specific window or door changes?  Important relationships between kitchen and other areas/outdoors?
2.        Background Information

-        Why are you remodeling?
-        What works well in your existing kitchen?
-        What are the biggest problems in your existing kitchen?
-        How many in your family?  Children/ages?
-        What type of entertaining is done most frequently?
-        Who cooks most often? One or two cooks?
-        What meal/s do you make most often?
-        How are you envisioning using the "new" space, and is this different from how you use it now?
3.        Have you made any concrete decisions at this point (as to what you will or won't do, or any specific product selections?)
4.        What is your anticipated budget?  Is this firm, or would you increase or decrease it for any reason?
5.        Do you have a contractor, or are you interested in names I have?
6.        What is your timeframe for this remodel?
7.        Specific Appliance Selection/Considerations:

        Cooking:  separate cooktop and oven/s vs.all in one range
                     Gas vs. electric, number of burners
                     Microwave type and location (how do you use a microwave?)
                      Warming drawer?
        Ventilation:  updraft or downdraft, microhood or separate hood, type of hood         "look" desired, i.e. stainless chimney, cabinetry hood, "hearth" type look, etc.
        Refrigeration:  Freestanding full depth or counter depth vs. built-in
                        Side/side vs. bottom freezer, top refrigerator
                        Auxillary undercounter beverage/etc. refrigerator?
                        Wine chiller?
                        Separate ice maker?
8.        Work Zones/Considerations:
a.        Cleanup Zone - Sink size/type; second sink or not? 
                Trash setup?  Recycle?  Dishwasher (one sufficient?)
b.        Prep Zone - separate sink?  Where and what is usually 'prepped' most frequently?  Counter space requirements in proximity to what?
c.        Island or Peninsula wanted?  How do you see it being used?  Will there be seating there?  How many?  Same height or elevated height for seating?  Any special design in mind?
d.        Storage requirements:
Pantry/Dry goods - type of setup/system, quantity and items frequently stored?
Bakeware/casseroles/cookie sheets/small appliances like mixers, toasters, food processors, crockpots, coffeepots
Other items you struggle to store?  Oversized items?
Any items you have an abundance of?  (lots of dishes, glasses, crystal, etc.?)
e.        Desk/Phone/Message Center
 - sit down vs. not, located in kitchen vs. elsewhere, type of storage needed there, how you use?
f.  Children/School/Homework area and any special requirements
g. Serving/beverage area - where/how used/storage requirements/doubles with another zone or separate? Any special appliances there (like wine chillers, ice makers, bar sinks)?
h. Pet food area?
i..  What is the "most important" function in your kitchen to you?  What do you do most often in this space?  (i.e. wash dishes, wok cooking, more of a baker, never cook, just make sandwiches, hang out with friends/family, etc.etc.)
9.        Cabinetry aesthetics/special functions: (for the most part, don't worry too much about how it will all look at this point, but to the extent that the "look" influences the two dimensional floorplan/layout, I want to get a sense of your taste and style)

-        Glass front doors or open shelves vs. closed fronts?
-        Decorative details you know you like (or don't) like corbels, posts, fluting, beadboard, type of moldings
-        Discuss cabinetry heights and top moldings (in concert with your ceiling height and standards)
-        Drawers vs. rollouts vs. shelves in base cabinets
-        Specialty cabinets you know you want (spice tiers, mixer lifts, spice or other pullouts, super susans, appliance garages, etc.
10.        Table area
- Separate table in kitchen?  How big,how many seats?  Existing or purchase new?  Open to banquette/booth set up if space lends itself to such (sometimes we can fit a larger island or other configuration if table area is not free-floating)?