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Kitchen Remodeling Timeline
Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

Phase I:  Initial Design - 2-4 weeks
        Initial consultation meeting and measuring
        Development of multiple scaled layouts
        Meeting to review, discuss and contrast layouts
        Design hybrid/revision

Phase II: Follow up/Finalize Design - 4-6 weeks
        Showroom visit to select cabinetry and appliances
        Development of computer generated 3D drawings and pricing
        Design revisions
        Client interviews contractors and gets project estimates/schedule
        Client selects contractor/ obtain permits (if needed)
        Designer/Contractor review of design plan
        Design finalized with client, contractor and designer
        Client orders cabinets/appliances

Phase III:  Material Selection/Scheduling/Procurement  - usually done while waiting for cabinets/appliances to come in - 4-10 weeks
        Windows/doors/skylights (if applicable)
        Flooring (if applicable)
        Lighting Fixtures/Lighting Plan (client and designer)
        Plumbing Supplies
        Backsplash Tile (if applicable)
        Cabinet Door glass (if applicable)
        Cabinetry Hardware
        Extras/Accessories (barstools, window treatments, furniture, etc.)

Phase IV:  Construction - 3-8 weeks, consult your contractor for specifics, this is only a general idea of the work order
        Contractor sets tentative schedule based on his availability/material delivery
        Electrical/plumbing/HVAC work
        Doors and windows
        Construct any island kneewalls/built-ins
        Paint (optional, can do later too)
        Install cabinetry
        Template for counters (base cabinets MUST be installed)
        Install appliances, except cooktops which need countertop
        Install counters (about 1 week after template)
        Plumbing/cooktop hookups
        Cabinet hardware and lighting fixture install
        Tile backsplash
        Miscellaneous extras, glass in cabinet doors, etc.