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Specifications for Contractor Estimate 1
Specifications for Contractor Estimate

Client Name:
Design by:

This document accompanies drawings with specific layout/dimensions attached.  All dimensions should be field verified by contractor prior to starting work.

1)        Please include in your estimate an approximate start date, as well as an approximate completion date.
2)        Where allowances are used, please indicate assumptions or amount of allowance.


-        existing cabinetry
-        soffits
-        walls/built-ins
-        other (decks, appliances,plumbing fixtures, etc.)

        Wall Modifications/Additions
        Island Supports
        Deck changes

LIGHTING/ELECTRICAL (note whether materials are to be contractor or client supplied):
        Outlets/Switches (per code, or any special requirements)
        Recessed Lighting (approx. quantity or special requirements)
        Undercabinet/In cabinet lighting (mini fluorescent/xenon)
        Hanging Fixtures/pendant/sconces
        Ceiling Fans/ventilation fans

(note whether materials are to be contractor or client supplied)
HVAC, including new ducting/relocation, gas lines, sinks, toilets, disposals, faucets, showers, tubs, bathroom accessories, icemakers, 

(note whether materials are to be contractor or client supplied)

        New (provide specs or type/quality level)
        Relocated or eliminated

        Purchased Cabinetry/ Cabinetry Hardware
        HVAC/Plumbing/Lighting Fixtures
        Miscellaneous items(closet components, mirrors, shelves, hardware, etc.)

FINISHES: (note whether supplies are contractor or client supplied)
        Paint/Stain ( Interior/exterior walls/ceiling/built-ins):
        Backsplashes/Wall tile