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Kitchen Selection Decisions-Priority Order
Kitchen Remodel Selection Process:  Tina Robinson Design
(in priority order)

(*preferred suppliers are those I have worked with frequently; several will give you discounts as my clients)

1.        2D Layout/Floor Plan, including dimensions and flow
2.        Appliance Selection:  (preferred vendor: Design House Kitchens and Appliances, Paul Matassa, 1-800-827-0001, ext. 286 - available at a significant discount if I am your cabinet supplier as I extend my builder price to you.  Appliances should be spec'd early for footprint fit but usually only take 2-3 weeks to receive, except for some specialty appliances like wine refrigerators or high end items.  I do recommend ordering appliances at the same time as cabinetry however - if you are purchasing through Design House they will hold them for you until you are ready for delivery.
3.        Cabinetry selection/3D perspectives and floorplan/pricing- lead time for most cabinetry is 5-8 weeks, although full custom cabinetry takes up to 16 weeks - preferred supplier is Tina Robinson Design, purchased through Design House Kitchens and Appliances, Savage, MD.
4.        Windows/Doors/Skylights - while dimensions must fit with cabinetry layout, actual selections in terms of functions/aesthetics can follow cabinetry choice/order - lead time varies by manufacturer and can take 4-6 weeks.
5.        Countertop Material - if any solid surface material is desired (granite, quartz, i.e. Silestone, Zodiac, etc. or Corian type), a fabricator should be chosen FIRST.  They will then direct you to a supplier of that material as necessary (ex. Granite slabs are selected from a local warehouse and then sent to your fabricator; Silestone or Corian is simply selected from sample chips at your fabricator.  Often this is a fairly long lead item in that template dates are scheduled weeks in advance, and specific stone slabs may take time to find in the right lot/size.  There is usually about a week between the template date and the install date.  All base cabinets must be in place, and all undermounted items (sinks, faucets, accessories, cooktops, etc.) must be on site, prior to template.  Preferred Suppliers:  Atlas Stone Fabricators (Marcy) 410-672-4111, 8274 Lokus Rd. Odenton, MD 21113.
6.        Flooring - if new flooring is required, it often must be selected and scheduled weeks in advance.  Aesthetically, it needs to blend or contrast with the cabinetry finish.  Preferred Supplier of prefinished hardwood:  Charles Brown, CLB Flooring, 410-519-5254; Finished onsite hardwood:  Dorrance Floors, 410-544-6918.  Another supplier of hardwood, tile and other materials:  Foxwell Floors, 410-224-7010.
7.        Lighting/Electrical - detailed lighting plan must be done early, and I will do as it is included in my fee, if you desire.  Should be done prior to the demolition phase of your project so wiring can be done while space is open and accessible.  Consideration to be given to use of incandescent or halogen recessed cans and/or pendants over sinks/islands or peninsulas (NOTE:  pending legislation is planning to gradually phase out incandescent bulbs in the next few years, replacing it with compact fluorescent).  Also, undercabinet lighting to be spec'd (minifluorescent or xenon strips, or halogen pucks, as well as lighting the interiors of glass front upper cabinets; phone/cable/internet lines locations as well.  One good local source with good displays and helpful assistance is Rexel in Annapolis (410-269-1001), must have appointment for assistance.  Annapolis Lighting is another option, as is Home Depot and Lowe's.  Two good online sources are Bellacor.com and Lightinguniverse.com.  Ask your contractor if he supplies fixtures, or if you should purchase independently.
8.        Plumbing Supplies - 1) sink, 2) faucet, 3)accessories such as soap/lotion dispensers, instant hot, drain baskets, etc.  ALL items MUST be onsite at the time of granite/countertop template if sink is undermounted!!  Preferred Supplier:  Ferguson  Enterprises, Meredith Mulvey at 410-573-6623, or 410-573-6612.  Appointment required for personal assistance, and you will receive my contractor discount if you are purchasing cabinetry through me.  OR, if you wish to work through Atlas Stone Fabricators, they carry Blanco sinks and faucets and can guide you in any Blanco purchase for one stop shopping.
9.        Backsplash Tile and Design - selection of tile (simple tile designs included in my fee, complex ones at an additional hourly charge).   Preferred Supplier:  Atlas Marble and Tile, Arnold, 410-315-8720.  This can usually be done later in the process, although if you are hanging a chimney style hood, and want the tile to go above and around it, generally the tile is put up first and the hood is mounted on top of the tile.
10.        Glass for Cabinet doors or replacement shelves - any glass supplier you find in the phone book should be fine.  My preferred suppliers:  Clements Hardware, 410-647-4611 is a great local source; another with lots of specialty glass and good service is The Glass Key in Jessup, MD, 301-483-6066, glasskey2@yahoo.com <mailto:glasskey2@yahoo.com>,
11.        Custom Built-ins such as banquettes, storage units, coat rack/cubbies, etc. - exact design and material choice to be solidified and verified with your contractor.  I have a file of design ideas/pictures and can sketch up a detailed plan as necessary.  I have several names of great woodworkers/artisans if needed.
12.        Extras/Accessories: Tables, bar stools, window treatments, paint colors, cabinet hardware, etc.  I have several sources for all of these items depending upon your requirements.  My assistance in these areas with the exception of cabinet hardware is optional and charged by the hour at an additional cost.

NOTE:  Cabinet hardware, especially specialty handles for built in refrigerators can take weeks to get if special ordered, so plan in advance!!  Most cabinets today are "full overlay" which means they can't be opened without hardware!  Preferred Supplier:  Clements Hardware, 410-647-4611.  Lowes, Home Depot, and even Target also have some in stock selections.